Don’t Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings Time!

Daylight Savings Time …

For the next week or so, you might be feeling that hour of sleep you lost to Daylight Savings Time.  Keep reading for how to get the sleep you need and make the adjustment easier!

Yep!  It’s that time again, Folks!  Tonight, when you go to sleep, you’ll be thinking about how much earlier the morning will seem.  And you’ll be right.  But you don’t have to lose sleep over it!

Photo - Alarm Clock Courtesy of Pong at FreeDigitalPhotos dot net. NestHalfFull.comModern Daylight Savings Time was first implemented for economic reasons.  During World War I, the Germans figured that, if they switched the use of resources from producing artificial light to  making more weapons, they could bomb the daylights out of their foes.  Pretty soon, much of Europe and the United States had caught on and were arming up with longer days.  After that war ended, the world felt a little safer in their beds and went back to their regularly scheduled lives.

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