Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 20

You know one of the great things about buying gifts for young children?  They always know what they want.  Ask and you’ll get a specific list of things so wonderful, it makes their knees wiggle when they talk about them!

Then they hit their twenties… and you’re on your own.
Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 20 Our family is delightfully large with children ranging in age from 34 to 20.  So you can imagine how difficult it is to think of Christmas gift ideas to put under the tree for everyone.  At least something they’ll actually like (without just throwing a little green at them).

This year, Mr. Nest and I decided to think differently.  Instead of looking for what we think they’ll like, we’ve decided to approach from the other direction.  What can they really use?

In the spirit of sharing ideas this season, here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas we’ve brainstormed for our adult kids.  We hope it helps!

Private Spoiler Alert to our very own children:
If or when you read this, your gifts will not be found on this list.
Or will they?!

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