How to Clean Granite Countertops

Before I start talking about how to safely clean granite,  I want to ask …

How was your Thanksgiving??  Any stories to share about your day? 🙂
Photo - How to Clean Granite Countertops Spray Bottle NHF Ours was wonderful!  We had thought only a few of our kids would be able to join us.  But as we sat down to eat, the group grew and grew until almost everyone had joined us!
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All-Purpose Cleaner DIY

Who here is in the middle of preparing for the holidays?  Shopping?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Show of hands!  (Maybe the question should be, “Who’s not?”)Photo - All-Purpose Cleaner DIY - NHF

Whether you are hosting friends and family at home, or bringing a dish to pot-luck, cleaning is in high gear at this time of year.  Especially in the kitchen.

I used to worry about how safe my household cleaners were.  The more I learned about their ingredients, the more concerned I was about what was spraying all over the house.  And what residue was left behind whenever I “cleaned”.

This non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner is simple to make.  Plus, it kills bacteria and viruses, molds and microbes!  It’s perfect for  just about every job in the house.
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Freshen the Fridge in a Flash

The other day, I “discovered” an easy way to freshen the fridge in a flash.

(Sorry, folks.  Sometimes alliteration is just too tempting.)

Photo - Freshen the Fridge Ameo Lemon EO - NHFFor a few days, the refrigerator had been smelling inappropriate. Not bad, really. Just not right.  Like biting into a Granny Smith apple expecting a spurt of deliciously sour juice and instead tasting grilled rib-eye steak. Great taste, wrong situation.

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Moisturizing Foaming Hand Wash – MIY

Moisturizing Foaming Hand Wash by Nest Half Full
Moisturizing Foaming Hand Wash by Nest Half Full

Here’s another MIY that is So Easy, it makes complete sense to go ahead and make it yourself.

We stopped using “antibacterial” soaps and cleansers years ago to do our part toward fighting those nasty Super Bugs that are now all the rage.  So we went with regular soaps at all of our sinks and in our showers.

By then, I had started  becoming aware of their unfortunate ingredients.  So, while I wasn’t in a hurry to make my own hand wash, I was open to trying it out.

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Bath Tissue Moistening Spray

Nest Half Full's Bath Tissue Moistening Spray Painting by Josef
Nest Half Full’s Bath Tissue Moistening Spray
Painting by Josef

Today, we’re going to have a quiet chat about personal hygiene.  We’re all adults here, right?  So let’s talk about how one can feel clean after a normal bathroom visit.  We’re going to talk about Nest Half Full’s Bath Tissue Moistening Spray.
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