Stef’s Cincinnati Chili Seasoning Mix

Stef’s Cincinnati Chili Seasoning Mix

Photo - 's Cincinnati Chili Seasoning Blend
… was first tried this fall after one of our besties and her partner invited us to enjoy a  bowl of homemade Cincinnati Chili.  My girlfriend loves a well-known seasoning blend, named after a restaurant chain, that is a bit hard to find hereabouts.  It’s also rather pricey to purchase online.

Being a woman who likes to mix her own, I decided to look it up.  And came across what seems to be the “first” version of Cincinnati Chili!  Along with a bit of it’s history.  (Check it out yourself.)

Oh the excitement!

So I made a batch, tweaked it to fit and voila!  A very satisfying portion of happiness. Continue reading “Stef’s Cincinnati Chili Seasoning Mix”

Stef’s Chili Powder Blend

Photo - Homemade Chili Powder - NHFIf you’ve read any of my recipes, you know I like to control what goes into our food. Spice mixes are high up on my list of Make-It-Yourself’s

Years (decades) ago, it occurred to me that I’d doctored store-bought chili powder so many times, I finally started mixing it from scratch.

Give it a try.  There’s nothing to it. And, you’ll always have your favorite flavor mix right in the cupboard!  Obviously, you might want to make your own adjustments 🙂

That’s okay!  That’s the point!
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Stef’s Homemade Chili Sauce

Photo - Homemade Chili by Nest Half FullI recently got bored with our regular chicken rotation and cold weather.  Which started me  thinking of warm climes.  Right in the middle of giving Southwestern Roast Chicken a try, I wanted to see what would happen if the bird were smeared with a little chili sauce.  The snag?  I’ve never ever had chili sauce in the house.

No worries!  After all, how hard can it be to make it myself?  Turns out, making a great chili sauce is not hard at all!

Some quick research.  A bit of tweaking. Time to give it a final taste test.

Wow! This is Some Good Stuff! 

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Rosewater and ACV Toner
Rosewater and ACV Toner

I JUST submitted my first post to two (2!) blog hops!

I have found the best blogs by reading and clicking blog hops.  It’s a great way to share ideas and find new writers who talk about things that you find interesting.  And now, NHF is part of two of them this week!   My first ever submission is Rosewater and ACV Toner.  I figured it was a good one to start with.

If you don’t know what I mean by “blog hop”, or if you love them as much as I do, go check out two of my faves:  Homestead Barn Hop (which is a great blog even if you aren’t a homesteader but do like getting down to basics) and Homemade Mondays (another great blog that I find always hilarious and often informative.)

I’m so excited!  In fact, I was SO excited and nervous when I posted it first on Homestead Barn Hop that I chose the wrong thumbnail. sigh

Hey! At least I got the link right.