Grilled Bleu Cheese Poppers – Be a PotLuck Rock Star

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If you want to be a Potluck Rock Star, this is your Gateway Dish!

This winter, while we were keeping warm in Florida for a few weeks, we were invited to a house party.  The price of admission was a platter of finger food.

I had just picked up a huge bag of multi-colored, baby bell peppers, rarely found in the mid-Atlantic.  So, I stuffed a dozen of them with a creamy-yet-slightly-lumpy bleu cheese concoction, wrapped them in bacon and asked Mr. Nest to do his grill magic on them.

When we arrived that evening, they were added to a serving table already groaning with platters of yumminess.  Within three and a half minutes, our bleu cheese poppers had completely disappeared.

Two nights later, close friends were hosting their own party and we were asked to bring “those pepper appetizers you brought to Joni’s!”  So, we doubled the recipe and watched people close to the table devour every one of them in 4 minutes.  Flat!

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Baked Eggs Wrapped in Bacon

I was going to babble at you today about Mr. Nest’s and my walk on the beach this weekend. But the other morning, at his request, I returned to one of the basics of preparing an eggs and bacon breakfast. It is so tasty, I have to share my version of Baked Eggs Wrapped in Bacon before I forget.

You don’t mind waiting for pictures of a gorgeously rough ocean, do you?

Photo - Baked Eggs Wrapped in Bacon - Title Photo My husband often runs across different food ideas in his daily reading, and forwards to me the ones he wants to taste. The other night, he was very excited about eggs wrapped in bacon.  It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about these little gems that I’d completely forgotten about them!  And, of course, I put in my own twist.

I’m so glad he asked!  They are incredibly fast and easy to make.  And quite yummy!
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