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Welcome to Nest Half Full and thank you for stopping by.

When I read through some of my first posts, I just cringe!  It was quite awhile before I found a focus and voice.

It’s also interesting to see how Mr. Nest and my goals, and the things that have become a focus in our lives, have changed over just the last few years.  I’ve grown through from one decade to another.  We become comfortably accustomed to being grandparents.  And even the youngest of our children has become almost completely independent. Almost.

We have more time to pursue old, forsaken talents.  And learn new skills.

When I first started, I wasn’t sure what all to write about!  I just knew that there was a vacuum of online camaraderie among people of our age … People who have experienced the years that would allow them to have children grown and on their own (in a manner of speaking, of course!)

We’ve also found that, though we have a large family, with a growing 3rd generation (4th generation if you count my beloved mom-in-law!), we share many privileges, habits and concerns of those in our generation who have never had kids!

For instance, we all have gradually realized the importance of what we eat.  What we drink.  Exercise.  And just plain letting our hair down and being ourselves!  There’s little left to prove and everything to relish in this life!

We hope you will enjoy and relate to the journey we’re on.

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