T.G.I. Thursday!


This might sound crazy, but has anyone else noticed that Thursday is a Great Day? Some people might think of Friday or Saturday as their weekly goal, yet Thursday has its own Awesomeness.

Friday sits at the edge of the good stuff, but there’s still that nagging requirement to get things done before you play. It seems harder just before the end, doesn’t it? Saturday is marvelous, yet serves as the day to catch up on homey things like mowing the yard or catching up on laundry. True, you get to wear a tee shirt and worn out jeans, but there are so many things to take care of and so little time! Sunday, the day of rest, belongs to church and/OR finishing up what you started on Saturday all the while mentally preparing for the work week to begin in just a few precious hours.

Monday is a bear. For many of us, it’s the beginning of the week. The day that adds restlessness to Sunday night’s sleep. It’s time to get up and start accomplishing something, like showing up for work ontime or cleaning up the kitchen from an unambitious weekend. It’s the day that my best friend turns his switch from Attentive Husband of the weekend to Business Husband of the weekday.

Tuesday is even worse! You’re fully embroiled in this whole success, checklist thing but without that slight fogginess that makes Monday a comparative blessing.

And then there’s Wednesday. Hump day. The pinnacle of the week when Nine to Fiver’s know that the downhill rush is imminent… but not yet arrived.

Which brings us around to Thursday again. “Weekend” is so close you can smell it. In fact, Thursday is a great night to go out to for dinner or to catch a movie. True, you still have Friday’s responsibilities ahead, but what the heck! If you wake up a little tired tomorrow, you only have to make it through one more day! If you live in a weekend-destination town, Thursday is the last night of the week you can go out and avoid road congestion and long lines. It’s nicely dressy, but in a casual way. It poses an uncluttered kind of romance. A day of early celebration. A cheat day.

I like Thursday. And look forward to it. I’m thankful for Thursday and its early commencement of good times. In my opinion, Thursday is the new Friday!

(Thank you, Doug Savage, for allowing the use of this funny cartoon!) www.savagechickens.com

Caught in Sun’s Set


It’s a Wednesday of my “vacation”.  Vacation is in quotes because this never seems to be a non-working period of time.  It’s a relocation of workspace.  But who can complain when the east side of the townhouse we sometimes visit faces sunrise above the ocean and the bayside overlooks sunsets that rival any we’ve enjoyed in our travels.  The other night, my iPhone happened to capture this sailboat in the midst of evening’s stream of reflected sunlight glazing the water.  Nuff said.

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Sailboat Caught inside Sunset nhf signed

Computers and Slide-Rules

When I was in high school, I decided to take trig/calculus in my junior year. It had very little to do with my life goals, but it looked interesting. And, hey! The math credits couldn’t hurt my college choices.

So there we were, learning amazing things in wonderful ways. Our teacher was innovative and had an imaginative grip on how to engage the teenaged mind. One day, he made a grand entrance into the classroom – we were all absorbed in teen communication which involved actual face to face conversations – this was pre-pre-texting. It was pre-mobile phone! HECK! It was pre-CORDLESS phone, at least in our home! Anyway, in he came with a twinkle in his eye, pushing a wheeled AV table with a mysteriously draped … something. When he uncovered it, we still didn’t know what it was. It was about a foot high, 2 1/2-3 feet long and about the same across.

Turns out it was a computer. By function, we would now call it a ridiculously huge calculator. At the time, we were amazed that it was supposed to do all the math that we did by pencil, paper and slide-rulers (yep… slide-rulers. Does anyone even remember those things?!) It was huge and unprogrammed… and we were the class that was going to program it with him! Being teens, it was not cool to show interest. But we were. This wonderful man, with great patience, took us through breaking down math processes to their most basic elements and inputting them in logical, functional order. He then took us through ever increasingly complex functions. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, and eventually up to and past Logarithms. By the end of the semester, we had that computer humming and spitting answers out to us faster than we could calculate the results ourselves. It was amazing. And it was very long ago!

So why am I thinking about this decades later? Well, this weekend I (finally) setup WordPress, struggling through all the pre-fabbed steps toward finally getting this blog up and running. On my laptop computer. Talking with people real-time half way around the world. With my iPad next to me. And my smartphone on the table receiving pushes about world events.

This thought isn’t going anywhere, really. But I sometimes find it amazing that “ordinary” was once considered impossible. If it was considered at all. And yet, here we are.

And at this age, I’m not ashamed to be impressed.

April 20 – 3 Disparate Thoughts

Photo - Boston Skyline - Photo by Arvind Balaraman - FreeDigitalPhotos.netApril 20, 2013

3 disparate thoughts awakened me this morning.
Thought 1… CNN pushes captioned in red on my iPad – News of the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. This morning, Watertown, Boston and America sighs with relief. Yet again, hundreds are left to grieve the loss and wounds of loved ones, stunned at the violence that brought them to this day. Yet another family agonizes over the inexplicable and evil actions of their children. Relief and grief.

Thought 2… My friend, Sharon, is gone from this world after deciding that loving her family while she was here was better than the pain of continuing to fight Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Sharon, I love you and am so proud of you. I miss you, Shining Woman.

Thought 3… And then I saw the date and realized that today is the 84th anniversary of my dad’s birth! Daddy was a brilliant, happy, thoughtful man his entire life. A truly loving man who dedicated himself to God and pastored people through joy and pain and the daily business of living a life. I picture him humming Beethoven (always a Classics Man) over the stove while he concocted something ugly yet surprisingly delicious for supper. Or talking quietly with someone as their pastor and friend, offering encouragement or comfort. Dad consistently, daily, taught us by action and word how to love, forgive and accept people where they are; a Christ-like man. He went Home 7 years ago this month. I miss him.

3 disparate thoughts awakened me this morning.
I guess what ties these all together is this. You cannot put off telling someone you love them, that you accept them. If needed, tell them you forgive them. Tell them now. You have to pick yourself up and get over to see the people you hold dearly in your heart, hold them in your arms for a moment when you walk through the door. Listen to them while they tell you stories of their daily life. Ask questions and don’t hold back. Hug them again when you say goodbye. And tell them you love them. Say the words. Again and again.