How to Clean Granite Countertops

Before I start talking about how to safely clean granite,  I want to ask …

How was your Thanksgiving??  Any stories to share about your day? 🙂
Photo - How to Clean Granite Countertops Spray Bottle NHF Ours was wonderful!  We had thought only a few of our kids would be able to join us.  But as we sat down to eat, the group grew and grew until almost everyone had joined us!
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Roast Chicken in One Hour

During this season, I use a lot of homemade chicken broth.  But first, I roast a chicken!

Yesterday, I roasted a chicken (organic, free-range, of course) so I could make homemade broth for Thanksgiving’s rice pilaf. (To learn how my family makes our pilaf, take a look at Authentic Armenian Rice Pilaf which goes perfectly with roast chicken, BTW)Photo - Roasted Chicken NHF

As I searched the files and opened my roasting chart, it dawned that maybe I should share  the trick to cutting down on roasting time.

For decades, I prepared chicken the way my mom did – in an oven heated to about 325 to 350º F for however long it took.  This method dictated how long it would be before we ate.  Sometimes, especially on a work night, it would mean I couldn’t get things started in time for dinner so it would have to wait for tomorrow or the weekend.

Then, I happily came across an idea that changed the way I approach a good roasting.  With some nervousness, I gave it a try.  An hour and fifteen minutes later (cooking time plus 15 minutes to let it sit after coming out of the oven), we were sitting down to a scrumptious, juicy, tender roast chicken dinner!

Ever since then, I decide the time I want dinner to be ready and choose the temperature needed to finish our meal by that time!  Continue reading “Roast Chicken in One Hour”

All-Purpose Cleaner DIY

Who here is in the middle of preparing for the holidays?  Shopping?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Show of hands!  (Maybe the question should be, “Who’s not?”)Photo - All-Purpose Cleaner DIY - NHF

Whether you are hosting friends and family at home, or bringing a dish to pot-luck, cleaning is in high gear at this time of year.  Especially in the kitchen.

I used to worry about how safe my household cleaners were.  The more I learned about their ingredients, the more concerned I was about what was spraying all over the house.  And what residue was left behind whenever I “cleaned”.

This non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner is simple to make.  Plus, it kills bacteria and viruses, molds and microbes!  It’s perfect for  just about every job in the house.
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Authentic Armenian Rice Pilaf – It’s Easy!

Authentic Armenian Rice Pilaf

So easy to make, you’ll even impress yourself!

I grew up with a Southern-born, English-Irish mother and a Boston-born, Armenian dad. Culturally, our family was on the interesting side.  A little of the North.  A bit more of the South.  And a touch of the Armenian.Photo - Authentic Armenian Rice Pilaf - NHF

Both of our parents were highly creative people.  And both were incredible cooks from long family traditions.

Grandma, Dad’s mom, learned to cook from her mother.  In turn, I remember watching as she spent hours in her blue and white kitchen teaching some of the family recipes, rice pilaf among them, to my Not-Armenian mom.  As a result, our home meals were varied and beautifully prepared.

In our family, dinner without rice pilaf was a sacrilege. It was so much of a staple in our house, my sibs and I grew up with only a sketchy idea of potatoes.

Even though my husband and I are currently living grain-free, the holidays are upon us and there are crowds to feed.  So out comes the rice! Continue reading “Authentic Armenian Rice Pilaf – It’s Easy!”