Pecan Bread ~ Deliciously Gluten-Free Dairy-Free

Let’s make a gorgeous loaf of Pecan Bread!

With weather getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, not everyone would think first thing of baking.  However, I believe there’s never a bad time for Pecan Bread!  It’s delicious and I make ours in a bread machine!  Not a hot job!  . . .

Photo - Pecan Bread - NHF Homemade Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

It’s Spring!  YAY!!!

While I earnestly believe that change can start at anytime (see my return article,  Time to Jump Back In!), Spring is the perfect time to ramp oneself back up, again.

Fresh air!  Birds singing!  Daffodils blooming!  Spring always gives me a fresh burst of energy.

The last couple of years have been a crazy run of one medical problem after another – actually all tied together. The whole thing seriously wore me down.

What this ordeal taught us is that most of our medical ills, including my lifelong struggle with Crohn’s Disease, have been caused by, or, at the very least, kerfuffled by diet.

What with all the messing with our foods ~ pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, GMO’s, processed foods… do I really need to go on? ~ our bodies are bombarded from birth to death with “nutrition” we cannot possibly ingest nor digest with healthy results!

This systematic assault on our bodies has resulted in growing autoimmune diseases, food allergies, bloated bodies and mysterious ailments that our doctors don’t know how to treat.

What they all have in common is diet.

Which brings me to the kitchen. And for today ~ Breadmaking!

One of the things I’ve found in my journey from terribly ill to feeling well is that I am allergic to gluten.  Something I had suspected, so we’ve been happily gluten-free for a few years now. What I did not suspect was that I am also allergic to the casein in cow milk products.  I’ve always thought I was “lactose intolerant”, not downright allergic.

My doctor told me that dairy is the most common food allergy in the United States!  What does that say about what we’re doing to our cows?! More on that at a later date 🙂

Thing is, all kinds of delicious things are made from cow milk.  The news of this “new” allergy made me very sad.

As a foodie, just sitting still and accepting a bland life is not for me. So I started doing what I love to do. I found out how to work with it.

Pecan Bread #2 - NHF Watermark and GF:DF noted

Which brings me back ’round to bread.  Not only is regular bread made out of gluten ~ lots and lots of gluten! ~ there is often dairy in there, too!  Some casein-sensitive people can tolerate baked-in dairy, but I’m not sure about it for myself.   I prefer to dodge that bullet completely.  So I have  started adjusting all kinds of recipes, including this pecan bread.   With delicious results.

This is where I own up:   I do not like to knead bread.  I am not good at it. And my hand-kneaded breads never turn out right.

Bread machines are how I ride!

That being confessed, here’s what’s baking ~ delectable pecan bread!

Pecan Bread – Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Photo - Pecan Bread - Nest Half Full NHF Social 4


What’s in it …

Ingredients appear in the order my bread machine requires (this is the machine I use).  It’s a serious purchase, but awesome, and has a gluten-free setting!  Perfection!)  Follow your machine’s order of ingredients:

1-2/3 cups (400mL) Almond Milk with Vanilla (make your own or look for one with no carrageenan*)
3 (150g) large eggs, beaten
1 Tablespoon (14mL) apple cider vinegar (I use raw ACV like this)
3 Tablespoons (39g) low-flavor vegetable oil such as grapeseed oil.
3 Tablespoons (60g) raw honey
1-1/2 cups (222g) brown rice flour, superfine (this is what I use)
2-1/3 cups (327g) potato starch (which is different than potato flour!)
1 Tablespoon (8g) gluten-free xanthan gum
1-1/2 teaspoons (8.4g) salt
1 Tablespoon (8.5g) Instant dry yeast

1/2 cup (55g) pecans, chopped

• Carrageenan may cause severe digestive distress for many of us.  BTW, it’s only function is as a thickener!

How to pull it together …

•  Pour/place/sprinkle ingredients into the bread pan of your bread machine in the correct order for your machine.
•  At the appropriate time, add the chopped pecans.
•  Let your machine do its thang!

It could not be easier than that!Pecan Bread - NHF Photo2

Here’s what this loaf of Pecan Bread looked like when it had cooled a bit and been popped out of its pan. Add a good slathering of butter (try goat butter or mammal-free spread if your allergic to dairy) and prepare yourself for a bit of heaven!

Stef’s Notes:  

Gluten-Free baking is very different than baking with wheat flour. On the one hand, I find it to be easier.  On the other, you need to be precise in your measurements.  

I like to weigh each non-liquid ingredient using a digital scale like this. That way I know that the proportions are exactly right and my recipe is more likely to come out beautifully.  

Some of us not only react poorly to gluten, we are also sensitive to many or all other grains.  I find that eating grains, along with other starches, in moderation is fine for me.

As much as I love a few slices of hot-out-of-the-oven bread, I feel much better when I stick to one delectable slice a day.

While this is gluten-free and dairy-free, it does contain tree nuts.

Must I mention this?

This bread can easily be made non-nutty.  Just leave out the pecans.

 It’s one of the ways I make GF (gluten-free) DF (dairy-free) basic bread!


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