Time to Jump Back In!

Despite some trembling, I’m taking a leap to jump back in today …

with a sincere apology that it’s been such a long time since I last wrote.  Serious health issues were compounded by technical difficulties.  And… well… I let go.
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The thing about having let go is that, over time, I became shy about how to get back into sync with everyone.  Unsure of my voice.

I believe many of us go through something similar every once in awhile.  When we’re not exercising our gifts regularly, self-doubt and lethargy can take over.  I also believe that we, fortunately, can find something to get ourselves going again, and jump back in.

What happened to drop kick me back into action?

Well, just yesterday, I was talking with a lovely woman, Randi, who was treating me (through lymphatic massage) for a temporary blip in my lymphatic system.  (One of these days, we’re going to talk about MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage ~ which sounds yucky, but truly isn’t ~ and other ways to help keep our immune systems running strongly and smoothly.)

While she and I were talking, she became intrigued by the progress I’ve made in overcoming the peskiness of aging, a lifetime of Crohn’s Disease and acute food allergies.

She started asking questions about what Mr. Nest and I eat, and why.  What we don’t eat, and why.  What I use on my face and skin, and why. 🙂

During our conversation, Randi’s encouragement gave me what I needed right at that very moment.  Affirmation of my “voice” and a renewed urgency to share things with you all – to jump back in to the fray.

There are so many things to learn and experience!  I will be talking more about health challenges and my personal journey back toward wellness.  Of course, this also means some wonderfully delicious recipes to help health us up and make life even more fun!

Jump Back In - Photo - NestHalfFull.com - NHFJump Back In …

For now, to avoid further delay, let’s revisit an article I wrote almost a year ago that is exactly on topic.

Over the past year since first publishing this article, we’ve learned even more about the foods that make our our bodies happy vs. those that are difficult, or even impossible, to process.  ~ This means you, too!  Not just ussins! ~  It also introduces the urgent importance of eating and using healthy, real, unprocessed foods and products.

So!  Let’s “jump back in” and take another look at …

Photo - What we're Eating These Days - SocialFoods We’re Eating These Days (and not)!

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