Don’t Lose Sleep Over Daylight Savings Time!

Daylight Savings Time …

For the next week or so, you might be feeling that hour of sleep you lost to Daylight Savings Time.  Keep reading for how to get the sleep you need and make the adjustment easier!

Yep!  It’s that time again, Folks!  Tonight, when you go to sleep, you’ll be thinking about how much earlier the morning will seem.  And you’ll be right.  But you don’t have to lose sleep over it!

Photo - Alarm Clock Courtesy of Pong at FreeDigitalPhotos dot net. NestHalfFull.comModern Daylight Savings Time was first implemented for economic reasons.  During World War I, the Germans figured that, if they switched the use of resources from producing artificial light to  making more weapons, they could bomb the daylights out of their foes.  Pretty soon, much of Europe and the United States had caught on and were arming up with longer days.  After that war ended, the world felt a little safer in their beds and went back to their regularly scheduled lives.

Until World War II, when daylight savings was introduced to a new generation of Allies and Enemies.  I guess no one felt safe when “The Big One” ended.  After all, “The War to End All Wars” turned out to be a misnomer.

“More importantly”, Big Business definitely likes the increased profits they see when more sunlight encourages consumers to be out and about!  “So let’s just keep this going. At least for part of the year.  Okay?!”

These days, for better or worse, over 70 countries practice some form of Daylight Savings Time. Some people love it.  Others vilify it.  Most of us just go along for the ride.

Personally, I’d be happier if they would just leave us on daylight savings time and get rid of the part where we fall back an hour.  The clock is, after all, an artificial standardization of time, so why not just let us all live with more daylight during the day and leave us to the passing of the seasons?   I love sunny mornings, but hate to think about the change coming up in the Fall.  (On the other hand, I love sleeping in for that extra hour, but hate losing it again when March arrives.)

If you’re like me, just the thought of having to Go. To. Sleep. makes you restless.  It pretty much guarantees a rough night.

But, you don’t have to lose sleep over it.  Here’s why …

Photo - Daylight Savings Time - You don't have to lose sleep over it!

Just before settling in for the night, Mr. Nest and I lightly spritz our pillows with a bedtime spray that I blended especially to help sleep better.  We like it so much, I had to share.  I even gave a bottle of Adult Bedtime Spray to every person who joined in on my Big Birthday celebration last summer.  Over the next few months, I kept hearing back from many friends about how much they love this bedtime spray and what a great sleep they get when they use it.  I even overheard one friend recommending it to another.  “You really have to try Stef’s bedtime spray.  We love it!”

Wow!  That’s the best recommendation you can get!  It’s pure, effective and way easy to pull together.

Go take a look at my post, Finally! A Bedtime Spray for Grown Ups.  And wake up well-rested.  Even after the clocks spring forward 🙂

So, we’ll see you one hour earlier tomorrow morning.   Have a good sleep!

(You can read more about this enlightening subject here. 😉 )

Let me know if you have any questions  🙂  And if you like it, I’d love to hear back from you!  Please!

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    1. I’m so glad you like it. The great thing about this spray is that it doesn’t force you to sleep. The oils in it are calming so it allows you to relax and naturally go to sleep. It still amazes me how well this spray works! (PS. Don’t tell anyone, I might have a refill or two for you! Shhh!)

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