How to Clean Granite Countertops

Before I start talking about how to safely clean granite,  I want to ask …

How was your Thanksgiving??  Any stories to share about your day? 🙂
Photo - How to Clean Granite Countertops Spray Bottle NHF Ours was wonderful!  We had thought only a few of our kids would be able to join us.  But as we sat down to eat, the group grew and grew until almost everyone had joined us!
(Keep on reading for my DIY spray cleaner for granite countertops)
Afterwards, I was scolded away from the dirty dishes and the adults kids got all of the dishes, glasses, chargers, silverware, everything washed and laid out to dry.  It was accomplished with quiet love.
Photo - Washed Dishes on the Stove 1 - Thanks Kids! - How to Clean Granite Countertops NHF

.Photo - Washed Dishes ... and the Counters - How to Clean Granite Countertops NHF
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I am so thankful for all of our children!

I am cooking a lot these days.  Partly because of the season.  But mostly because Mr. Nest and I are living grain-free these days (doctor-enforced for health reasons) which means I have to make most of our eats from scratch.  As my husband reminds me several times a week, “Good thing you like to cook!” (to which I often reply, “Mmmph.”)

No matter how careful I am, my granite counters seem to become a mess and need wiping down.
Photo - How to Clean Granite Countertops NHF - BeforePhoto - How to Clean Granite Countertops NHF - After
Normally, white vinegar is my go-to cleaner.  I use it for almost every cleaning job in the house.

My All-Purpose Cleaner DIY is the perfect sanitizer for just about any surface.  And for scary jobs, like the kitchen sink and bathrooms, I spray things down with straight white vinegar then spray over the same area with hydrogen peroxide.  According to studies, when applied separately, they will combine to clean better, and more safely, than bleach!  Tiny beasties be gone!

However! … Vinegar* and other acidic cleaners, like lemon or lime juice, can etch and dull your granite surfaces with repeated use.  At the same time, you need something stronger than water* to clean things up!

Rubbing alcohol (70%)  is only mildly acidic* making it strong enough, yet safe, for cleaning granite.

How to Clean Granite Countertops Safely

How to Clean Granite Countertops NHF Title PhotoWhat you’ll need …
• 8 ounces (240 ml) water
• 2 Tablespoons (30 ml) rubbing alcohol (70%)
• 4 to 6 drops essential oil of your choice – optional (I use ProShield Essential Oil Blend, it’s a cleaning super power and smells great.)

• PLUS:  one 8-ounce spray bottle (similar to this. I found mine at the pharmacy.)

How to pull it together …
Step 1.  Measure ingredients into your spray bottle and replace the spray top.

Step 2.  Nothing.  That’s it!

How to use …
Shake.  Spray.  Wipe.  Stand back and admire the shine.

So, there you are.  So simple, very effective and super inexpensive to make! And planet friendly!! (of course, you’re wiping your counters clean with No Fuss NOT-Paper Towels)

Do you have a favorite granite cleaner?  I’d love to hear about it!

 Don’t forget to share a story about your Thanksgiving!

As always, if you see something here you like, please share!
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*For us science-types: water is Neutral with a pH of 7.0.  Rubbing alcohol’s pH is about 5.4.  White vinegar is about 2.4  The lower the pH, the more acidic it is  I.e. Hydrochloric acid is 0.0.  Yikes!

Essential oils (oh, how I love my essential oils!) are neutral so considered safe, yet powerful for cleaning just about everything.

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