Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 20

You know one of the great things about buying gifts for young children?  They always know what they want.  Ask and you’ll get a specific list of things so wonderful, it makes their knees wiggle when they talk about them!

Then they hit their twenties… and you’re on your own.
Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 20 Our family is delightfully large with children ranging in age from 34 to 20.  So you can imagine how difficult it is to think of Christmas gift ideas to put under the tree for everyone.  At least something they’ll actually like (without just throwing a little green at them).

This year, Mr. Nest and I decided to think differently.  Instead of looking for what we think they’ll like, we’ve decided to approach from the other direction.  What can they really use?

In the spirit of sharing ideas this season, here’s a list of Christmas gift ideas we’ve brainstormed for our adult kids.  We hope it helps!

Private Spoiler Alert to our very own children:
If or when you read this, your gifts will not be found on this list.
Or will they?!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids over 20

Cup of CoffeeA pound of coffee, coffee grindercoffee press and wooden spoon. – Some people acquire a taste for good coffee when they’ re in their teens. Thanks to mega coffee shop chains, they savor a good cuppa like we do a fine wine or great scotch.  A few of our kids even worked as baristas while they were in high school!  So a nice package of all the equipment they’ll need to make it at home seems like a sweet idea!

Grocery store gift cards. Do you still get the occasionally phone call for grocery money?  If so, this could work out well.

Gift cards to their favorite all-purpose store.   For most of our kids, that store is Target.

3d tires - rims watermarked image by Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos dot netTires.  This is an actual gift for one of ours this year.  He’s been driving on a donut long enough for us to be anxious about his safety.  Surprise!  Here’s money for a new tire.  (BTW, Dearest, you are to spend it only on a new tire AND you have to get it now!)


Household consumables.  Dang!  These essentials are expensive when you buy them at the store!  Laundry Detergent.  Dish Soap.  All-Purpose Cleaners.  Bathroom and Toilet Cleaners.

OR … DIY kits for household consumables.  Like I said, these things are uber-expensive, and have a huge profit margin, when they’re made commercially with all kinds of unnecessary and nasty chemicals.  PLUS they’re full of things you don’t want lingering on your own dishes and clothing let alone your beloveds’.  What if you mix together some bottles of concentrates for them to use.  All they’ll need to do is add water, stir things up and voila!  Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap and a fantastic All Purpose Cleaner!  😉 Stay in touch to see how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to make some of these things yourself!

Whiskey Glass watermarked image by artur84 at FreeDigitalPhotos dot netA nice scotch or wine, as appropriate. All of our children (except one) are twenty-five and up. So, how about a good bottle of sipping-scotch, agave tequila or wine?

Sheet and Bedding sets. How nice to walk into their bedrooms and spy an oasis of a clean, crisply made bed!  Unless they truly prefer white sheets, try to find something with a little color.

Cooking utensils.  I hadn’t thought of this until my son mentioned it. Now that they’re out on their own, isn’t it time to start equipping their kitchen with things like bamboo stirring spoons, measuring cups, baking dishes?  

While we’re on the topic of a workable kitchen … Pots and Pans.  A sturdy beginner set would do nicely for most.

Washable fabric shower curtain liners. Do not look inside their showers!  Gift them washable (and non-toxic) cloth liners.  And walk away.  Just trust me on this.

Link to your amazon Prime account for free shipping, etc.  Did you know you can link four extra people to your Amazon Prime shipping benefits?  They still use their own accounts and still pay for their own products.  But, since you’ve already subscribed to Amazon Prime, why not let everyone get the most out of it?  Click here to see how to share your Amazon shipping benefits.

Which reminds me:  Amazom Gift Cards are versatile!
Amazon Christmas gift card watermarked
Forgive a large part of the money they owe you. ‘Nuff said.

Coupons to have a small party at your place.  At our house, that would be a pool (billiards) party in the basement.  Some rules we would enforce are:
– We must be home.  (We promise to stay out of the way. Mostly.)
– We will give a modest amount toward snacks.
– No more than 8 people total.
– There will be a curfew.
-They have to set up, snack up and clean up.

Homemade grog. Many cultures have a homemade specialty drink that is passed down from one generation to the next.  Vyritos is Lithuanian grog came to us through my husband’s family and is a favorite gifty in our family.  It’s easy enough to make and good for every ailment:  headaches, cramps, colds, the blues, what have you.  I have a post in the works about our family Vyritos recipe for people who are interested.

Homemade book of their favorite family recipes.  You can have it bound.  Or just print pages out on your printer and slip them into separate protective sleeves.  Assemble everything in a colorful loose-leaf binder.

So what do you think?  If you have a brilliant idea to add to our list of Christmas gift ideas, PLEASE share in the comments below.  Or on Nest Half Full’s FaceBook page.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Over 20”

  1. Great ideas!!! I love the DIY kit for household consumables, especially for those just starting out. Thanks for your “out of the box” thinking…you always inspire.

  2. Hey Stef: Some really good ideas. Especially if the “kids” have just left college (or home) … I really like the recipe book idea !!!

    1. Thanks! We have children who are settled and others who aren’t. Now that we know our game plan for the ones who aren’t, we are trying to figure out gifts for our children who have homes and children. 🙂 Neverending 😀

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