Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser (MIY)

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I’ve tried different facial cleansers and this Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser is my favorite. It’s simple to pull together and it’s good for all skin types, including sensitive and maturing skin. I’ve been using this for about a year now and am very happy with the way it works for my skin.
Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser - Nest Half Full part of the I’ve Got a Secret series
Here is why I chose each ingredient…
Raw Honey:
is a natural antioxidant, protecting your skin from the damage of the sun and environment, which helps your skin in its own rejuvenation process.
is a natural humectant which means it helps your skin retain its moisture.
actually draws out and absorbs the impurities from your pores.

Vegetable Glycerin:
works to increase and lock in moisture on your skin.
works well and helps reduce the cost compared to making this with just raw honey 🙂

Castile Soap:
is made with olive oil which is all kinds of good for your skin
helps to release and wash away the impurities you’re trying to remove

Essential oils: (optional)
Lavender to relax the muscles of the face, naturally disinfect and soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. It also smells so good.
Frankincense to calm and heal the skin, reduce inflammation and help with the wrinkles. I also so love the scent in this mixture.

Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser
makes about 1 cup

Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser - Nest Half Full
What’s in it…
1/2 cup (120 ml) raw honey – try your local market or you can buy raw honey here
1/2 cup (120 ml) vegetable glycerin – you can buy vegetable glycerin here
1 teaspoons (5 ml) liquid castile soap, (optional*) – you can buy liquid castile soap here
10 drops True Lavender essential oil, optional – you can buy True Lavender EO here
20 drops Rrankincense essential oil, optional – you can buy Frankincense EO here
1 clean 8-ounce (240 ml) container with a dispenser lid (I use an upcycled bottle that my old, commercial face cleanser came in.)

*(optional – I add a very small amount)

Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser
How to pull it together…
Measure honey and glycerin into a glass bowl or half pint mason jar. Set into a pan or bowl of hot tap water and let sit until pourable. Be sure you do not get any water into the mixture! Do no microwave or overheat since this will kill the natural benefits of the honey.

Add castile soap to the honey and glycerin. Gently whisk until generally mixed together. Using a funnel, transfer to the container you’re going to keep by your bathroom sink. Add the essential oils on top, tightly close and shake shake shake.

What to do with it…
Squeeze about a quarter-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Gently massage into skin in circular motion. Keep massaging for about 30 seconds to give it a chance to draw out the impurities. Rinse with warm water. (In the morning, I rinse it off in the shower. When getting ready for bed, I soak a washcloth in very warm tap water, squeeze it out and lay it on my face, pressing gently, then wipe my skin clean with the same warm washcloth.)

Before washing your face…
remove your makeup with Nest Half Full’s Rose Petal and Olive Oil Eye Makeup Remover (to be posted soon. Keep checking back 😉 ).  Follow with Rosewater and ACV Toner and a good, non-toxic moisturizer. I’ll be sharing my favorite soon!

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I love to hear what works for other people.  Do you have a favorite face cleanser?

8 thoughts on “Honey and Glycerin Face Cleanser (MIY)”

    1. Happy New Year, Pepper! I apologize for the delay in replying. I also have very sensitive skin and this works beautifully for me. If you are concerned about it, mix together a small amount and test it on the inside of your wrist or somewhere else that’s sensitive. Give it 24 hours to see if you react. Just in case 🙂

          1. Still sounds good! There are many different combinations of these ingredients. I like a bit of the castile to help release excess oils, but sometimes, I also leave it out.

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