DIY Hydrating Facial !Spritz!

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Last year, I fell in love…

… with an anti-aging, hydrating facial mist made by a prestigious skin care company. DESPITE its price tag, which was comparable to a new pair of casual shoes, I really LOVED this stuff! It felt so good. Smelled so nice. Kept my skin sooo fresh.

I was hooked, I tell ya.

Thing is, we’ve become very conscious of all the nasties that are used to make personal care products. I’ve been making more and more of the products we use on our skin like body lotions, facial moisturizers, liquid hand soaps, shaving cream… You get the idea.

What was I going to do? Before this bottle of wonder was gone, I had to find a way to keep this love affair going.

I whipped out my reading glasses (the strong ones. That tiny print is almost impossible!) and read through, wrote down, researched the entire list. Among the top ingredients were some unpronounceable things… Keep reading… Ooo, yay! Aloe vera juice… more nasties… more nasties. Then, finally, down at the bottom of their list, a handful of essential oils.

To the laboratory!  (also known as my kitchen counter)   A few experiments. Some component shifts. Adjustments to proportions.

Voila! Something beautiful and natural, easy to make, nicer to use. It freshens, nourishes, helps aging skin, feels great. And it smells sooo goood!

I’ve been using this Hydrating Facial Spritz every day since last summer on my face and throat right after moisturizing. I also carry a travel-sized spray bottle of it in my purse. Whenever I need a boost, I spritz, right over my makeup (or bare face on those sweet days when no makeup is involved). On hot summer days: Fabulous!

Would you like to try it? Here’s how to pull it together.

DIY Hydrating Facial !Spritz!

What’s in it…
4 oz (60 ml) moroccan rosewater (you can find it here) – anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, can help strengthen skin sells and regenerate skin tissue
4 oz (60 ml) organic aloe vera gel (you can find it here) – moisturizes, fights aging, heals
40 to 50 drops essential oils**
I use:
• 30 drops Sandalwood* (you can find it here)– reduces stress,calms and heals the skin
• 5 drops True Lavender (you can find it here)  – reduces stress and inflammation, calms and heals the skin
• 5 drops Geranium (you can find it here) – reduces inflammation, soothes the skin
• 5 drops Ylang Ylang (you can find it here) – relaxes tight muscles
• 3 drops Frankincense (you can find it here) – calms, reduces inflammation, heals skin and wrinkles
• 2 drops Patchouli ((you can find it here) – heals, regenerates and moisturizes the skin

* Spoiler Alert:  Sandalwood is pricey.  But if you do use it, it’s worth it.

In a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, mix together the rose water and aloe vera. Add essential oils, cover tightly and shake until well mixed. While everything is suspended, transfer half of the mixture to a 4 ounce spray bottle (it’s an easier and neater process when you use a funnel). Glass is best because it won’t break down the quality of the oils AND it won’t transfer any plastic components to your skin. That being said, I also keep a 2 ounce, plastic travel sprayer in my purse.  Shrug.

Store the reserved mixture in a tightly closed glass bottle in the refrigerator. Some of the essential oils are antimicrobial and will help preserve it, but aloe vera and rose water keep better when refrigerated.

How to use:
Before using, always shake the bottle to remix.
First thing in the morning, wash your face, tone, moisturize, close your eyes and !Spritz!
During the day, close your eyes and !Spritz!
Out for the evening, excuse yourself to the powder room, close your eyes and !Spritz!

Note: Aloe vera is used as a natural hair gel. You can use this spritz to refresh the front and top of your hair: lightly spray the roots, scrunch or blow dry using a round brush, continue with your day.

**With essential oils, less is better than more. Don’t be tempted to add more oil thinking it will be even better. Essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be taken seriously. Use them sensibly. If in doubt, look it up or use less.

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